Winter in the Adirondacks



  • Temperature: Daily average in the winter is 16º F in Lake Placid, 19 º F in Northville, 15º F in Old Forge, and 19º F in Plattsburgh.


  • Altitude Makes a Difference: The temperature drops 3-5º F for every 1000 feet of elevation gain.


  • Coldest day Ever: Old Forge, NY reached -52º F in February 1979. That is cold enough to give you frostbite in 5 minutes.


  • Heavy Winds: The windchill can make the temperature feel 10 or more degrees colder.


  • Precipitation: Between 15 and 20 inches of snowfall per month.


  • Early Snow: Snow begins falling in October or November and usually continues through April or May.  


  • Air: The air is generally crisp and clear during winter compared to muggy and humid in the summer.


  • Danger: Blizzards are the greatest natural threat to the Adirondacks in the winter




*Global climate change is altering winter in the Adirondacks as we know it. For more information on how climate change is affecting the Adirondacks, visit: