Winter Effects on Adirondack Species


To learn what winter is like in the Adirondacks, and to find out how different species adapt to winter conditions, click on the menu to the left.



Due to the park’s unique geological and geographical characteristics, the Adirondack Park features a winter all its own. The adaptive responses by animals in the park to the freezing temperatures of November through March are impressive and distinctive. In this website we have sought to give the viewer a general understanding of how species within the “blue line” survive the harsh, Northeastern winter. We have researched four different categories of species and have selected two representative species, which were chosen by their prevalence and importance in the park, for each category. We hope this representative research will inspire more thorough and detailed exploration into the winter lives of animals in the Adirondack Park.


Created by Bayard Geeslin, Chris Holm, and Sam Matlick