Stoddard's Work


It's important to remember the possible manipulation that can occur in mediums like photography, especially when staging pictures or presenting a posed subject as a candid one. When looking at Stoddard's photographs we have to remember to ask ourselves what is he trying to present to his audience? What biases does Stoddard himself hold? Remember that some of these pictures were commissioned by a third party and that those that were not commissioned were still sold as copies and prints. Do Stoddard's images change depending on which audience he is catering too? These questions and more are important to keep in mind when examining the next few pages focusing on his photography.

Work Overview

Below is a photograph of Seneca Ray Stoddard at work, equipped with his portable darkroom, and a slideshow that gives an overview of Stoddard's work taking photographs in the Adirondacks.

Stoddard and his Portable Darkroom

PHOTO: Plattsburg state university of new york