Resort Skiing

Government influence in Adirondack resort-skiing has boosted economic activity, increased government revenue and helped people enjoy Adirondack land to its fullest potential. The two main ski resorts located within the Blue Line, Gore and Whiteface Mountain, are owned by the government sanctioned Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). The ORDA was created in 1982 to manage facilities during the 1980 Winter Olympic Games at Lake Placid; Today, they uphold a similar mandate to operate both Gore and Whiteface Mountain as well as the many olympic-standard facilities around them. The government provides the ORDA with a $4.7 million subsidy which is then invested, under the leadership of Chairperson Patrick Barrett, into the maintenance and modernization of the recreational facilities. Managed by the ORDA, the Adirondack ski resorts have seen a huge influx of visitors and ski enthusiasts seeking to enjoy the opportunities that the Adirondack Park offers.

The existence of the ORDA has provided significant economic benefits to both the Adirondack region and to the state of New York. Two extremely popular tourist destinations, Gore and Whiteface have helped contribute to the nearly 57 million visits to New York Ski resorts that were reported in the year 2012/13. The mountains, along with others in the New York region, have helped provide 13,000 new jobs across New York and raised $97 million in total economic revenue. Gore and Whiteface have also provided direct benefits to the state of New York by contributing nearly $12 million in taxes on average every year since 2012. Individually, Gore and Whiteface mountain amass impressive yearly revenues, Whiteface raising over $10 million dollars during the winter season and Gore following only shortly behind. Gore and Whiteface have also created a booming economy surrounding Lake Placid. The Adirondack Almanack reports that since the Olympic games in 1980 the economy has more than doubled, creating a prosperous society of ski-enthusiasts. Featuring a gentle bunny hill, olympic-quality facilitees as well as terrain difficult for the most accomplished skiiers, the ORDA has created the perfect spot for both beginnner and veteran skiiers alike to enjoy Adirondack land.

While the ORDA currently faces auditing charges from the state of New York, these charges are not indacative of the success of Gore and Whiteface and should not detract from the benefits that these two mountains provide. The ORDA, in order to cover its massive expenditures, has opened a line of credit and was found in 2014 to have incurred a budget deficit of $4.2 million. The ORDA has stated that it is working in collaboration wiht the State to eliminate their debt, and also cited the expensive upkeep of their olympic facilities as well as the seasonal nature of their revenue as causes of their financial situation. Gore and Whiteface Mountain, however, continue to net considerable revenues and provide an exciting destination for skiiers of all abiiities. The audits have also had the positive effect of prompting both Gore and Whiteface Mountain to seek renewable sources of energy in order to minimize costs. The ORDA will have to work hard to eliminate their deficit, but their current financial system should not detract from the overall benefits that Gore and Whiteface provide.