There are many more prints and paintings housed within the Adirondack Museum's collection that we didn't include in our project. Please browse this slideshow by clicking the arrows below the images, and see if you can analyze the works in terms of women's experiences in the Adirondacks in the 19th century. 

Shaw & Co. "Recreation in the Adirondacks." Color print. 1880. From the Adirondack Museum.
Published by Mrs. Frank Leslie. "New York-Cottage Life At Lake George." Black and white print. Published July 10, 1886 in "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper." From the Adirondack Museum.
Harper & Brothers. "An Amateur Cook." Black and white print. Published August 29, 1891 in "Harper's Weekly."
Currier & Ives. "Home from the Brook." Hand-colored print. 1867. From the Adirondack Museum.
"Death in the Adirondacks. A Sportsman Mistakes a Kerchief on a Lady's Head for a Gull, and Fires." Black and white print. Published August 3, 1872 in "The Days' Doing."
Untitled. Unknown artist. Photomechanical reproduction. ca. 1900-1930. From the Adirondack Museum.
W.P. Snyder. "A Day on Lake George."  Black and white print. Published July 25, 1891 in "Harper's Weekly." From the Adirondack Museum.
Currier & Ives. "A Mountain Ramble." Hand-colored lithograph. n.d. From the Adirondack Museum.
Henry Alexander Ogden. "A Summer Pastime. New York. Drill of the 'Sunflower Brigade' At the Hulett's Landing, On Lake George." From the Adirondack Museum.
Howard C. Christy. "In Deep Water." Color print. 1902. From the Adirondack Museum.
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