Our Mission


Acid precipitation is one of the most serious environmental problems that the natural world is faced with, and the Adirondack region is particularly affected. Scientific evidence shows that without intervention, irreversible changes will occur.


A basic foundation in chemistry helps to contextualize this phenomenon. Through chemistry, we can explain how acid rain is formed and how it affects ecosystems. Hopefully, a better understanding of these chemical processes will help to foster action to curb the acidification of rain and snow.


Chemistry is often perceived as an unapproachable and rather convoluted subject. And yet, chemical interactions explain so much about the natural world and the ways in which humans affect it. It is our hope that this webpage will help to educate upcoming generations about acid rain by making the chemistry of it fun and easy to understand. In the subsequent pages, we will provide the following:



Chemistry Lessons: Acid Rain -- A brief tutorial.

Implications & Activism -- Effects of acid rain and what we can do to help.

An Educational Short Story -- Why young people should care about this issue.

Relevant Articles -- Suggested reading for those who wish to further explore concepts of chemistry and acid rain.