Peter Kamitses represents the new generation of climbers, who are pushing the limits of what can be done climbing with traditional gear. He has established many routes in the 5.13-5.14 range at Moss Cliff and Silver Lake. His route “Oppositional Defiance Disorder”, first climbed in 2011, is one of only two completely traditionally protected 5.14 climbs in the east. Kamitses also has the typical exploration drive of the Adirondack climber: “The approach [to “Oppositional Defiance Disorder] was full-on Dacks style, complete with swarms of microscopic flying vampires (aka black flies), neck high brambles…. and bushwhacking through thick groves of saplings” (Lawyer, Haas 464).

        Kamitses has built upon the accomplishments of previous generations of Adirondack climbers, taking their sense of adventure and boldness and applying it to much more difficult routes than were ever thought possible. While most young, strong climbers these days focus on difficult bolt-protected routes, Kamitses and a small crew of other young strong men and women continue to seek out difficult trad climbs. Of his first ascent of “The Highline” on Moss Cliff (which he worked on for several years), Kamitses said it was “balancy, runout, and serious” (Lawyer, Haas 406.) The Adirondacks are a hotbed for these new developments, and Kamitses is certainly the face of the new generation.