A Window Into What Modern Folk Artists Are Doing Today

Folk music continues to play a major role in the lives of many Adirondackers today. We sat down with local student and musician, Jake Blount, to get a feel for some modern folk tunes.

Here, Jake plays a popular folk song, 'Darling Corey', first recorded in 1927 by Appalachian folk musician Clarence Gill. This song is quite popular today, having been covered by modern folk artists such as Pete Seeger and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Here is Jake's version:

Here, Jake plays an instrumental version of the tune 'Home With the Girls in the Morning.' Although not as popular in pop culture today as 'Darling Corey," this tune has been around since the 1800s! Originally an Appalachain folk tune, 'Home With the Girls in the Morning' has been adapted by modern folk artists such as Texas fiddler Bob Wills and Kentucky musican Owen Chapman.

Jake and Jack talk about the young musician's experience with folk music. Includes Jake's discovery of folk music, his experience as a folk musician at Hamilton College, and how folk music has become more accessible and widespread in today's world.


For more information on the state of folk music in the park today, check out the Adirondack Bluegrass League