The entire process of constructing all the structures for the 1980 Olympic Games, which included 14 separate projects spanning a 20 miles area, was carried out by one company, The Gilbane Building Company. Throughout the project, they were responsible for planning design, construction, and maintenance and operation of all facilities. Creating plans that involved a combination of permanent and temporary structures minimized the total cost. All permanent structures had designated long-term uses for after the games were over, and Gilbane would carry out any additional modifications to these structures as well.
Prior to building, Gilbane orchestrated a no-strike agreement with the 17 labor unions involved in the project, allowing them to meet the strict deadlines. They also set up a three-pronged construction system, which was also invaluable for staying on schedule. They acted as project manager, edited blue prints while they were being made to make sure things were being done as cost effectively as possible, and phased designing and building so that they could begin construction even if plans had not been finalized.

- Ground Breaking: April, 1977
It was important to break ground early due to the short construction season, as well as to comply with some of the International Sports Federation’s requirements.


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About ORDA (New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority)

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